8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Pets

October 28, 2021 4 min read

The holiday season is here! We are now in the festive time of the year, the period which many people regard as the most wonderful moments every single year. Cheery celebrations, family get-togethers and cozy nights in and wild nights out are all an important part of each of our lives during this time. The holidays are a time to spend with family, including our pets. Besides giving them perfectly wrapped Christmas gifts, many pet lovers are also looking for fun ways to incorporate the furry family members into holiday activities or even planning activities specifically tailored for them.

Whether this is the first Christmas you're celebrating with your pets, or your fur babies have enjoyed several holidays in your house, here are some holiday tips to consider to include your dogs and cats in the family celebration throughout the upcoming winter holidays.

1. Take holiday pictures

Take holiday pictures

Christmas pictures are an opportunity to show off your family’s personality during the holidays. Whether you are sharing on social media or taking photos for a holiday card, your pets will be a perfect addition to capture and spread the season's festivities. You can dress up your pets in a colorful Christmas costume or set a holiday decor at home and start taking pictures of them. If you still have no idea how to start, opt for visiting a photo studio.

2. Make tasty holiday treats

Make tasty holiday treats

While you are baking Christmas cookies, make some for your pets. If you search carefully online, there are plenty of healthy treat recipes you can make for your pets so they can enjoy with you and the rest of the family at the Christmas parties. However, always keep all the toxic ingredients that can cause a medical emergency in mind. Don’t forget to make extra and share with your dog’s and cat’s friends too!

3. Create Christmas ornaments for your pets

Create Christmas ornaments for your pets

What is a holiday without some delightful ornaments on the Christmas tree or around the house? Incorporate your pets into the holiday cheer by customizing Christmas ornaments that feature their pictures and names on them. Giving your fur babies an exclusive spot on the Christmas tree for their personal and unique ornaments is a thoughtful way to pay homage to a man’s best friends.

4. Watch Christmas movies

Watch Christmas movies

Pets love watching movies as much as we do so let’s play several great Christmas movies to spread the festive cheer some more. Holiday breaks are a wonderful time to sit back and relax, so you can stay home, enjoy the holiday treats you make and watch holiday or pet movies with your favorite furry friends. There are many pet movies you can find on Netflix as well as Christmas-related ones!

5. Christmas costumes and sweaters

Costumes and sweaters

The winter holidays are a perfect time to put on a fabulously ugly Christmas sweater. So why not include your pets in the fashion festivities? Not only does it make a great moment on social media, but it's a sure way to get all the smiles as you walk your pets through the neighborhood during the Christmas holidays. You can find holiday-themed costumes and sweaters designed specifically for pets at most pet shops. However, if your pets hate clothes, don’t force them to do something they find scary or uncomfortable.

6. Wear festive outfits featuring your pets

Wear clothes featuring your pets

What better way to spread holiday cheer and let your pets join the holiday fun than snagging a Christmas sweater featuring their adorable pictures on it for yourself? Be prepared to be stopped in the Christmas celebrations with “Oh! So cute!” comments just as often as you are when your four-legged fur babies are with you. Any reason to show off your pet pride is a good one. And you will look oh-so-festive in these Christmas-themed sweaters!

7. Make a donation in your pet’s name

Make a donation in your pet’s name

Your pets will be warm and safe lying on beds in your home surrounded by family during the winter holiday season, but not all pets are as lucky. If you want to do something extra and fulfilling to the soul in the spirit of Christmas holiday giving, consider honoring your pets by giving to other animals in need. You can donate treats, food, toys or supplies to the local animal shelter or charitable organizations to ensure other dogs and cats have a better holiday season.

8. Spoil your pets with a Christmas gift

Spoil your pets with a Christmas gift

While we’ve been spoiling our four-legged family members all year long, the Christmas holidays are a great time to take it up a notch. One of the unique holiday gifts for pets to consider, these ceramic personalized pet bowls featuring their names and pictures are an excellent way to upgrade their mealtimes. Plus, these bowls are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup!

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Wrapping Up

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, there’re tons of celebrations that call for merrymaking —and why should humans have all the fun? Luckily, there are many ways to include our furry friends in the festive celebration. The holidays should be happy and merry for everyone!