25 Best Host Or Hostess Gifts For The 2021 Holiday Season

October 29, 2021 6 min read

From Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Year's Eve, holiday parties are coming soon! When someone spends the immense effort in time and money hosting a holiday party with plenty of delicious home-cooked meals, it's awful to turn up on your host's doorstep empty-handed. What to bring? Flowers, scented candles, and the like are certainly appreciated, but they’re also a little expected.

Finding something unique and distinctive to give your favorite host or hostess can be difficult, but we've got you covered. From personalized ornaments to beautiful wall arts, there's something on this list for everyone at every price point. Plus, many of these double as housewarming gifts, too.

1. Personalized Christmas Custom Photo Ornament

Personalized Christmas Custom Photo Ornament

This adorable and festive Christmas ornament can be personalized with their pet’s name and picture – making it an extremely thoughtful Christmas gift for pet parents who’ve cherished a special bond with their fur baby. The pup will bark with joy when they see this ornament that looks just like them hanging on the Christmas tree.

2. Marquis By Waterford Markham Vase

Marquis By Waterford Markham Vase

Trying to find the best Christmas gift for the hostess who loves flowers? Consider this lead-free crystal vase that is amazingly stylish and eye-catching. The deep crystal cutting techniques and a smooth finish make it an elegant holiday gift or an accent piece to any home decoration.

3. Welcome To The Dog's House Custom Decorative Garden Flag

Welcome To The Dog's House Custom Decorative Garden Flag

The dog lovers on your list will love seeing their favorite pups portrayed in this Christmas custom flag. At family and friend holiday gatherings, this flag will bring playful and festive vibes to the outdoor area and make their house stand out from the ordinary neighborhood.

4. Recipe Journal

Recipe Journal

From ingredients and prep times to individual cooking tips and tricks, this Moleskine passion journal will help them keep track of everything. The red pattern is cheerful and chic, though there are several designs to choose from. It’s an amazing Christmas gift for any friends who enjoy cooking.

5. Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

This bamboo cheese board has plenty of space to hold crackers, sauces, and sides as well as its own cutlery set. The top mark that impressed users? It can fold down to half its size, so it's very space-saving and easy to stow in the cupboard. The ceramic bowls can be fitted inside as well.

6. Because Of You I Laugh A Little Harder Personalized Aluminium Ornament

Because Of You I Laugh A Little Harder Personalized Aluminium Ornament

What better addition to your host's Christmas tree than a Christmas personalized ornament featuring your favorite moment together on it? Cute and sentimental, this festive ornament is full of the holiday spirit and is guaranteed to be a holiday gift they will cherish for a long time.

7. Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies can never go wrong, but the one with custom messages adds a little bit of a fun and thoughtful twist. Everyone will get a kick out of these clever cookies. It is certainly a great surprise to add to the holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Eve.

8. Herbal Sampler Assortment Box

Herbal Sampler Assortment Box

Better than the basic tea bags, these tea drops are a perfectly sweet holiday gift, especially if you know your host is keen on tea. These flower, heart, or square-shaped loose leaf teas can be dropped straight in hot water without an infuser and are sure to satisfy even the most discerning tea connoisseurs.

9. Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket

Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket

Who can say no to a cozy throw? Go ahead and spoil your favorite host with this comfy and stylish stripe fringe throw blanket. This quality blanket from Rivet Store is one for those that want a festive blanket to snuggle under during the winter holidays.

10. A Lovely Lady And A Grumpy Old Man Live Here Personalized Doormat

A Lovely Lady And A Grumpy Old Man Live Here Personalized Doormat

This personalized doormat is a fun addition to any Christmas decoration. You can personalize the skin color, hairstyle, and top clothing to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that most resembles your favorite duo. The doormat is not only attractive and festive, but it’s also so durable it can last season after season.

11. Front Porch Perfection Artisan Gift Assortment

Front Porch Perfection Artisan Gift Assortment

If you’re still at lost at what to bring to the Christmas party, give the host this Artisan gift assortment by Harry & David. This stunning Christmas gift basket is packed with dry salami, cheeses, crackers and more, so there are tons of appetizing snacks to fill all the party guests.

12. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Bring the laughter to the holiday celebration! Instead of gathering around the TV or while waiting for the roast to come up to temp, embark on Cards Against Humanity – a party game for horrible people. This America's #1 gerbil coffin comes with a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules.

13. Still Talk About You Conversation Christmas Personalized Pillow

Still Talk About You Conversation Christmas Personalized Pillow

Let the decor do the talking when it comes to showing off the Christmas cheer. This Christmas personalized pillow makes an incredibly thoughtful holiday memorial gift in remembrance of a loved one each time the breeze passes by. One of our favorite Christmas memorial gifts.

14. DII Swedish Dishcloth Collection

DII Swedish Dishcloth Collection

Tidying after a holiday party is so much more fun with these cute Swedish lemon dishcloths. Made of 100% natural cellulose, these dishcloths are super absorbent and durable – making them perfect for cleaning dishes, pots, and pans. A great way to save money on paper towels.

15. Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Upgrade their tea collection with the matcha green tea powder – which is absolutely perfect for matcha ceremonial latte, shake, smoothies and baking. Produced in Japan, this is the highest quality of matcha ceremonial grade that you can buy for a host who’s into matcha this holiday.

16. The Pioneer Woman Classic Charm 18-Inch Oval Platter

The Pioneer Woman Classic Charm 18-Inch Oval Platter

How gorgeous is this one-of-a-kind classic oval platter? Made from durable and dishwasher-safe stoneware, the red and blue floral platter is big enough to fit a turkey and some trimmings or a decadent roast – making it perfect for everything from family dinners to special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

17. Still Talk About You Couple Personalized Custom Canvas

Still Talk About You Couple Personalized Custom Canvas

Saying goodbye to a pet is a tough and painful experience and this personalized memorial canvas will be a simple but thoughtful Christmas gift for any cat lover in your life. Beautiful and durable, this canvas is sure to be around to remind them of their beloved cats for years.

18. Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers

Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers

This holiday, help your hosts wind down most luxuriously with these refresh shower steamers – the essential oil-infused aromatherapy tablets that can turn the shower into a relaxing spa experience. The pleasant scent is such a delightful way to indulge in some simple self-care after a stressful day!

19. Cake Pop Maker

Cake Pop Maker

Give the holiday gift of convenience – this cake pop maker will bring the fun and tasty cake pop trend into their kitchen in just minutes. This machine is so easy to use and the cake pops or doughnut holes are sure to please their family and friends in the Christmas gatherings.

20. Welcome To Our Lives Our Story Our Home Personalized Round Wood Sign

Welcome To Our Lives Our Story Our Home Personalized Round Wood Sign

One holiday gift guaranteed not to disappoint? A personalized round wood sign that features the host’s family name on it. A personal touch goes a long way, and this gorgeous sign will look good on the front door or living room wall. Made of high-quality plywood, it’s sturdy enough to be used indoors or outdoors.

21. Agate Coaster

Agate Coaster

Set your host up for Christmas parties with these sophisticated and elegant agate coasters, which are available in six gorgeous colors. They're affordable and will make every person at the table feel like a guest of honor. Would be a great holiday gift for your loved ones.

22. Dessert and Baking Salts

Dessert and Baking Salts

If you’re looking for a cool and unexpected gift idea for your favorite host, then look no further than this set of six baking salts. Featuring intriguing flavors like Vanilla Lavender, Lemon Ginger, and Espresso, this gift box is a fun way to kick off the dinner party and amps up almost any dessert.

23. 16-Cup Popcorn Maker

16-Cup Popcorn Maker

There's nothing like a bucket of popcorn to keep the Christmas party going. How about this easy-to-use (not to mention affordable) popcorn maker uses hot air instead of oil to produce a light and healthy snack? Kids are sure to have a blast!

24. Marble Cheese Slicer

Marble Cheese Slicer

This marble cheese slicer may be the most practical of gifts for a cheese lover this Christmas. They no longer have to slice the cheese by themselves and end up with different sizes — some thick, some thin anymore. From wafer-thin to thick chunky slices, they can adjust to suit their preference easily.

25. Custom Pet Bowl

Custom Pet Bowl

Let's not forget: Your host isn't the only one who lives in the house you're visiting. Give their fur babies a holiday gift so they can celebrate just like everyone else. Made of high-quality ceramic, this dog bowl is completely customizable with the dog’s name and picture.

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Wrapping Up

Winter holidays are coming and it’s high time to get back in the swing of parties with your friends and family. Regardless of how big or small the party is, it’s always nice to show a token of gratitude for the time and effort that the host or hostess has taken to manage before, during, and after the celebration - including preparing the meals, tidying, and decorating.