The 35 Best 10th Anniversary Gifts To Bring Them Closer

July 03, 2022 9 min read

Love is a miracle. What are the chances, after all, that you meet someone who feels like your soulmate, choose to tie the knot, and actually do so successfully for a decade? So, buying a romantic gift for your spouse is an absolutely sweet way of saying you still love them just as much as the day you said "I do."

Ready to celebrate your incredible milestone as a married couple? We’ve rounded up the very best 10th anniversary gifts, traditional, modern, and everything in between.

1. I'm Yours No Refund Personalized Unisex Shirt

I'm Yours No Refund Personalized Unisex Shirt

What better way to show the world you belong to each other than through these playful matching couple shirts? Customize the year, names, and appearance details such as hairstyles, skin colors, outfits, accessories and so much more. Your love will swoon over these, for sure!

2. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Got lots of cherished memories you want to look back on together after all these years? Give a gift of experiences, like this reel viewer. This custom photo gift is available in four colors—including red, blue, black, and white—with a redemption code to create one reel with seven pictures.

3. Letters to My Love

Letters to My Love

Send these love letters to him or her in such a way that they will touch his or her heart. Each letter is printed with a unique prompt and two blank letters to scrawl your own. Write now. Read later. Treasure this paper time capsule—and each other—for many years to come.

4. Save The Date Calendar Personalized Leather Keychain

Save The Date Calendar Personalized Leather Keychain

Declare your affection with this personalized leather keychain that immortalizes a moment in time and serves as an enduring expression of love. The texts, anniversary dates, names, and pictures can be personalized to your liking. A token of love that will walk with you through so many more journeys of love ahead!

5. loveBuds


Get a little closer together everywhere you go with these two sets of loveBuds, built into one 3.5mm audio jack connector. Whether you two are traveling or relaxing at the beach, sharing wired headphones is one of the sweetest experiences that wireless technologies could not replace. 

6. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Want to go down the traditional 10-year route? A gift that represents tin like this spa set will nod to your long-lasting commitment. With the all-natural ingredients to boot and a little bit of everything in it (cream, bath stuff, soap, and lip balm), this gift provides a great experience in the comfort of your own home. 

7. Couple's Split Blanket & Sheet Set

Couple's Split Blanket & Sheet Set

Got a sweetheart who keeps stealing the covers at night? With this bedding set, no more tug-of-war! It stays securely tucked at the foot of the bed, and is 4" wider than the typical sheet, ensuring each person has plenty of wiggle room, without disturbing the other. The price is fair, the value is outstanding, and the result is one happily married couple!

8. Grow Up To Be A Spoiled Wife Personalized Shirt

Grow Up To Be A Spoiled Wife Personalized Shirt

Add a splash of your story to your outfits with these personalized matching shirts. The human figures can be customized to look exactly like you and your significant other. Available in many cool colors, this anniversary gift is a funny, creative and personal way to chronicle your love.

9. I Found My Missing Piece Personalized Tumbler Cup

I Found My Missing Piece Personalized Tumbler Cup

Turn your love story into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind tumbler cup. The personalized pictures are printed on the front, while the back is filled with touching love messages for your other half. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this tumbler is lightweight, long-lasting, non-toxic, and doesn't transfer flavor.

10. Anniversary Map Candle

Anniversary Map Candle

For the partner who loves personalized gifts, this map candle is guaranteed to bring a lot of joy. Personalized with your names, the date of choice, and a map of a special city where you first met, it is just the right size to display on your coffee table, or anywhere you want to show a little love. 

11. Codenames: Duet

Codenames: Duet

If you’re looking for a way to do something fun together, Codenames Duet can be a great pastime. In this game, each player must take turns to give clues to locate an agent on the grid. Great game for two players - deceptively simple concept but quite challenging in practice! 

12. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

This bracelet set helps show your love from afar: simply tap yours and theirs will light up and vibrate, so they'll know you're thinking about them. Making your own little language through this is fun and will help you gain an extra little bit of connection you couldn't have any other way. Such a clever anniversary gift!

13. When I Say I Love You More Personalized Tumbler Cup

When I Say I Love You More Personalized Tumbler Cup

Bring a little love to your loved one’s coffee with this personalized tumbler cup featuring adorable pictures of you two on a fall date. The names, anniversary dates, skin colors, hairstyles, and clothes can all be adjusted to your choice. It makes a functional, yet stylish gift that they will love to show off anywhere they go!

14. The Couple's Bucket List

The Couple's Bucket List

Gain a deeper appreciation for each other with these fun date night idea prompts. No phones, no streaming services, just the two of you creating memories together. The cards come in three categories: life, love, and laughter—so be prepared for plenty of laughs and endless new adventures ahead. 

15. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Sometimes, having a good anniversary date feels like the luck of the draw—but it doesn't have to. With this 100 dates poster full of scratch-off challenges, not only will it bring you tons of precious memories, but most importantly, it will remind you that together, you and your partner can do anything.

16. Bonfire Fire Pit

Bonfire Fire Pit

Love is a fire. For a loved one who loves enjoying outdoor space but doesn’t particularly love the cold temperature, this fire pit is a safe and easy way to provide a cozy atmosphere for a night at home. It burns with almost no smoke, so your clothes won't smell like a campfire!

17. I Promise Always By Your Side Personalized Pillow

I Promise Always By Your Side Personalized Pillow

Another fun way to add a touch of personalization to your home decor? Unique and oh-so-entertaining, we are in love with this extra special personalized pillow—and they will be too. Isn’t it fun to just lay next to a pillow depicting you two, and just chill or watch Netflix? 

18. 10th Anniversary Gifts Tin Date Night Dice

10th Anniversary Gifts Tin Date Night Dice

Ever been stuck for ideas for date night? Or haven’t been able to agree on what to do? Turn your 10th anniversary date into a fun little game with the tin date night dice. Roll one for a short date, or two for a long date, and let fate decide what you will be doing!

19. DateBox Club - Monthly Subscription Box

DateBox Club - Monthly Subscription Box

With this DateBox kit, date night just got much more fascinating. It’s themed and revolves around things like a DIY project, game night, a cooking activity, or a fun couple’s challenge. Everything necessary for a perfect date is included in the box, so no need to shop for extra items!

20. Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Looking for something creative to do together? Why don't you try to channel your inner artisan baker with this bread making kit? All the tools you need to create a masterpiece are included in the kit, and it comes with 21 recipes that can kickstart a baker's journey and highlight sourdough's versatility.

21. Chibi Drinking Couple Personalized Pillow

Chibi Drinking Couple Personalized Pillow

personalized pillow illustrated with chibi pictures of you and your sweetheart is perfect for celebrating your 10th anniversary. Customize it down to every last detail, from the clothes you both wear to your skin colors and hairstyles. You’ll soon have a piece of art on your couch.

22. Funny Coasters

Funny Coasters

Show off your silly side with these funny coasters. You will get six different messages with these coasters set to match the personalities of each of your guests. Stain-resistant, scratch-proof, rust-proof, and are a wonderful addition to any kitchen space!

23. Knock Knock What I Love About Us Fill In The Love Journal

Knock Knock What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Journal

This love journal is a sentimental, splurge-worthy gift that your other half will treasure forever. The book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe your affection. It can be as sweet or silly as you want. Anyone lucky enough to receive this from you should be very happy!

24. Drive Safe I Need You Here Personalized Keychain

Drive Safe I Need You Here Personalized Keychain

personalized keychain featuring your picture and a drive safely message will be a sweet reminder of your feelings for the loved one. Customize the backside, which is already engraved with the inscription “Drive safe, I need you here with me” with your initials. This anniversary gift will be a huge win!

25. Date Night Wanderlust Paint by Shadow Kit

Date Night Wanderlust Paint by Shadow Kit

Inspire your inner Picasso with this painting kit that comes printed with gorgeous scenes of Paris, France, Positano, Italy, or Santorini, Greece, rendered in shades of gray. You don't have to be artistic in any way to be successful with this project. Just sit down and have lots of fun doing it together!

26. Gallery Wall Kit

Gallery Wall Kit

Step up your home decor together with this gallery wall kit that has it all. The kit includes 9 square photo frames in black wood with removable classic white mats and can be hung in multiple layouts to add a touch of elegance to your own space. As a whole, they make great statement pieces!

27. Rose Teddy Bear

Rose Teddy Bear

This rose teddy bear is artificially made, it will last forever, never fade and wither, and it also symbolizes your eternal love for your important person. The transparent display box is attached with a white gift box, so that it is well preserved without being messy, and will look great on display. 

28. Chibi Drinking Couple Personalized Doormat

Chibi Drinking Couple Personalized Doormat

It's no secret that the personalized doormat is super on-trend right now. All you need to do is customize the skin tones, hairstyles, and clothes and put the names. In return, you'll receive a beautiful piece of home decor item that all guests will get a kick out of!

29. Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

A creative 10th-anniversary gift doesn't have to be over-the-top to leave a lasting impression. This hands casting kit may seem simple at first glance, but its ability to capture every fine line and fingerprint gives it an heirloom-like quality any romantic couple will appreciate.

30. Cozy Conversation In Pleasant Company Multicolored

Cozy Conversation In Pleasant Company Multicolored

Strengthen your bond with the Hygge game that brings you closer to your partner through more than 300 thought-provoking questions. Each question is designed to spark meaningful conversation and encourage discussions about the big and small things in life. Love this game!

31. Two Piece Loving Elephant Figurines

Two Piece Loving Elephant Figurines

A single elephant with a raised trunk is also considered to be an auspicious symbol, but this finely-crafted couple figurine is twice as lucky. Simply put these charming elephant figurines with trunks up near your front door, where they are said to bring good luck, protection, and strength to your home.

32. The Day I Met You Personalized Luxury Necklace

The Day I Met You Personalized Luxury Necklace

Custom message jewelry is another great way to get personal—and give her something she'll wear every day. The pendant is finished with 14K white gold over stainless steel and can be paired with almost all outfits. A subtle statement and a wonderful 10th anniversary gift!

33. Mini Projector

Mini Projector

If you’re shopping for a movie lover celebrating the 10th anniversary, consider this mini projector. It is small, portable, and can be carried in a pocket, so you can enjoy movies, videos and games no matter at home or in the outdoor courtyard, travel, camping and other locations.

34. Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player

Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player

Is your spouse into vinyl? Update their collection with this Bluetooth record player that features upgraded premium sound quality and sits on sound-isolating feet that prevent vibration. With over 1,800 ratings on Amazon, this creative gift lets them take their tunes anywhere!

35. HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer

Sometimes the best anniversary gifts are the practical ones. Designed for use with Bluetooth and the HP Sprocket app, this photo printer produces high-quality 4x6" photos, printed directly from your smartphone. Such a great little gift to relive all of your cherished memories.

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Wrapping Up

So many thoughtful gifts can surprise a couple on their 10th wedding anniversary. And as the 10th anniversary is such a special one, any gift should be special, as well. Though gifts may range in price and style, but all have one thing in common: they will show your loved one how much you appreciate them and the life you've built together.