The Best (and Worst) Holiday Gifts For Grandparents

August 19, 2021 7 min read

Shopping for grandparents can be daunting. Of course, the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family deserve all the best this holiday season. However, finding the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents can be just as tricky as shopping for anyone else on your list. Plus, if you ask them what they want, you might end up getting an answer along the lines of quality time. The more you know about what your grandfather and grandmother are into, the closer you are to a more unique and sentimental Christmas gift that they'll always treasure and love.  

When it comes to Christmas gift-giving, there are plenty of things not to give as gifts that are full of superstitions that you may not pay attention to. Just because Christmas and other holidays are a time for giving, it doesn’t mean you can just give anything away as a holiday gift.

This list includes everything, from gifts you should never give to glorious holiday gifts that will be a sweet treat on Christmas Eve. The recommended gifts are thoughtful, practical, adorable, and are guaranteed to be extremely appreciated by grandmas and grandpas. Check out our top picks below!

Gifts You Should Never Give 

1. Cash


Little kids or teens may want cash, but it is a tacky and awkward gift for grown adults. Undoubtedly, grandparents would prefer receiving Christmas gifts that require some care and effort on the part of the gift-giver. If you’re really strapped for holiday gift ideas, get a gift card instead of cash.

2. Household Cleaning Supplies

Household Cleaning Supplies

Christmas gifts are supposed to bring joy and pleasure, two things most people don’t get from the act of cleaning. Cleaning is not fun, and cleaning basics are not good Christmas gifts. Plus, grandparents may think that you're really trying to say that they keep a dirty or poorly managed household.

3. Self-help Books

Self-help Books

You may think self-help books make well-intentioned Christmas gifts, but giving someone a self-help book is an awkward way of telling someone you think they aren’t in a good place. Instead, gift grandparents a gift card to a bookstore and let them choose what they think they need.

4. Pets


Pets are wonderful, but not as Christmas gifts. Adopting a pet is always a big commitment- and it’s usually best left up to the ones who will be taking care of the pet. A puppy, kitten, or any living, breathing creature can cause a lot of pressure, stress, and expenditure.

5. Weight Loss Stuff

Weight Loss Stuff

Don't be cruel. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that you think they need to lose weight. Even if you mean well, giving a Christmas gift that is obviously geared towards losing weight can have a negative connotation. This is just the worst.

6. Personal hygiene items

Personal hygiene items

Anything that has to do with personal care or hygiene is not a good Christmas gift idea. Skip any product that is related to personal care, including razors, eyebrow threading kits, deodorants, toothbrushes, and more. Opening these items around family and friends on Christmas Eve is just plain embarrassing.

7. Souvenirs


If grandparents have yet visited that place, then they probably don’t need a souvenir to commemorate your experience, especially if it's a tacky magnet or a key chain with their name on it. The key to giving a great Christmas gift is consideration and thoughtfulness.

8. A Donation to a Cause They Don't Support

A Donation to a Cause They Don't Support

Check before you make any donations on behalf of your grandparents. If you want to make a donation as a thoughtful Christmas gift, always make sure that they support that cause. Instead, you might want to give the initiative to them and let them choose who they contribute it to.

9. One Single Knife

One Single Knife

A new set of knives or cutlery could be a useful Christmas gift for a novice cook like your grandmother. But gifting just one large single knife is a big no-no and can carry a negative connotation in some cultures. To be safe, go with a set.

10. Anything Re-Gifted

Anything Re-Gifted

Giving used gifts is always good for your wallet but, saving some money can hurt someone’s feelings, especially on Christmas Eve. It might be alright to regift an item, but not the one that was opened, and never in front of the person who originally gave it to you. That would be just extremely upsetting.

Gifts You Should Definitely Give

1. When God Made Grandkids Personalized Shirt

When God Made Grandkids He Gave Me The Best, Custom Kids, Personalized Shirt, Gift for Grandparents

This When God Made Grandkids personalized shirt makes a seriously sentimental gift and is easily one of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents of all types. You'll have so much fun personalizing these figures to look like your loved ones, and you can have up to 12 family members on the shirt.

2. Vintage Legend Husband Personalized Shirt

Vintage Legend Husband Since Years Old Man, Personalized Shirt

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift for a grandfather who has everything, consider our best-seller Vintage Legend Husband personalized shirt. Featuring the most important dates of his life on a cool design, your grandpa may never want to take it off.

3. Personalized Dream Team Poster

Personalized Dad's Dream Team Poster

Light up the home of your grandparents with this delightful Dream Team personalized poster that hosts details of their grandkids on a high-quality resin-coated photo base paper. The shirt color, shirt size, name, and number on the shirt can be customized to your liking. Plus, this poster works as a lovely, understated piece of Christmas decor.

4. What I Love About Grandma Journal

What I Love About Grandma Journal

This book is simple, but it's an incredibly sentimental Christmas gift. Reflect on your joyful moments together and jot them down in this fill-in-the-blank What I Love About Grandma journal for your grandma to enjoy for years to come. It's a real tearjerker but in the best way! And, of course, there's also a version for Grandpa.

5. Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

This awesome bathtub tray caddy is the ultimate treat-yourself Christmas gift for grandparents who like to relax. Made of superior, durable bamboo material and finished with a thin protective coat of waterproof varnish, the tray is designed to fit any tub and is perfect for propping up your book or tablet for easy browsing.

6. First Christmas As Grandparents Ornament

First Christmas as Grandparents, Personalized Ornaments, Custom Holiday Ornament

Let them hang this sweet First Christmas As Grandparents ornament from the Christmas tree to let everyone know that how grateful they are to be grandparents for the first time in their life. Customize it with their names, and they'll remember their humble beginnings years from now.

7. Genetic Ethnicity Test

Genetic Ethnicity Test

Your grandparents will get a kick out of this genetic ethnicity test that offers a deep dive into their ethnic history over the generations. The process is incredibly simple: activate the DNA kit online, return your saliva sample in the prepaid package to the state-of-the-art lab and the results will be ready online within six to eight weeks.

8. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

The Embark Dog DNA test kit might just be the best Christmas gift you can get if grandparents already have the DNA kits for humans. Who wouldn't want to know more about their fur babies? Not only can it tell you your dog's breed, but it can also let you know which diseases your dog may be prone to in the future.

9. Bronze Family Tree Frame

Bronze Family Tree Frame

This bronze family tree frame will delight any grandparents with its 6 hanging picture frames in black and adjustable ribbon tassels. The sturdy backboards help keep the photos in place quickly and securely, making this a perfect Christmas gift to show off and bring the lineage of the family to life.

10. This Belongs To Personalized Pillow

This Belongs To, Personalized Pillow, Custom Family Gift

Delight grandma and grandpa with this adorable This Belongs To personalized pillow that depicts their grandchildren on it. Created using colorfast for safe washing, there’s room for 10 kids on the side of this pillow which, with proper care, should last a lifetime.

11. Grandma and Grandpa House Personalized Wood Sign

There Is No Place Like Grandma and Grandpa House, Personalized Round Wood Sign

The grandparents who love to host will appreciate a personalized wood sign to welcome guests as they walk in. Whether you give this cute Grandma and Grandpa wood sign as a housewarming present, anniversary gift, or Christmas gift, they will absolutely love and treasure it forever.

12. Lemon and Lime Citrus Trees

Lemon and Lime Citrus Trees

Touch the green soul of your grandparents with these awesome lemon and lime citrus trees. These trees come all bundled up in jute and ribbon and ready for Christmas gift-giving—with an easy-to-follow guide to help them get growing. After all, a house plant is a right ticket for brightening and livening up a space.

13. Cheese Vault

Cheese Vault

You can't go wrong with gifting a cute and useful cheese vault this Christmas. Instead of wrapping in plastic (which is not good for the cheese), the base and top of the vault are designed to wick away moisture to maintain its original taste. Combine with some tasty options to start them off with, too.

14. Snack Serving Bowl

Snack Serving Bowl

If you're still stuck for a Christmas gift, why not treat your grandparents to something as practical as this snack serving bowl? These nifty snack bowls, perfect for pistachios, come with a unique double-layer design to hide food waste, which eliminates the need for any additional bowls or plates on the table.

15. Marble Rolling Pin

Marble Rolling Pin

Grandma and Grandpa will love to receive this refined-looking marble rolling pin on Christmas Eve! Made of 100% marble, it can cool and smooth the surface easily with natural non-stick properties. The stone is sturdy and easy to clean. It comes with a comfortable wooden handle and resting base.

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Wrapping Up

The festive season calls for parties, age-old traditions, and plenty of gifts. Now that you’ve got some Christmas gift inspiration, relax, binge-watch all your favorite holiday movies, and enjoy the Christmas season knowing that your beloved grandmas and grandpas are taken care of with this ultimate Christmas holiday gift list. After all, the best gifts for grandparents are presents that come from the heart.