Your Year-by-Year Guide To Wedding Anniversary Gift

July 25, 2021 6 min read

An anniversary is an important time for a couple to think back to their wedding day. It’s a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. Whether you're celebrating your first year of marriage or those milestone anniversaries such as 25, 30, 40 and 50 years together, a sentimental anniversary gift that shows how much you appreciate each other and commemorates the beginning of your partnership is an absolute must.

Depending on how many years you are celebrating, every wedding anniversary has a particular traditional meaning and gift associated with it. However, you don’t need to stick with it if this is not right for you as a couple. You can take this chance to get creative with your interpretation of the theme - or just give them something that they will certainly cherish, if you're not feeling like copper for the 7th anniversary or platinum for the 20th one.

Read on and let your spouse know exactly how much you love them with these picks, based on both traditional and modern themes.

First Anniversary: Paper and Clocks

Personalized The Day I Met You Couple Canvas, Beach Dock, Premium Canvas Wall Art

Compared with expensive themes such as crystal and diamond, paper symbolizes the modest beginning and the growth of a relationship. Instead of stationery, a personalized photo print will help brighten your loved one’s day. You can personalize and hang this The Day I Met You Couple Canvas above your bed or in your living room as a surprise.

Second Anniversary: Cotton and China

I Never Dreamed I'd End Up Marrying A Perfect Awesome Wife, Personalized Shirt, Gift for Him

Cotton is made from plenty of threads woven together, which represents the durability of a relationship while china stands for the beauty of marriage. There are a lot of cotton anniversary gift ideas, but the I Never Dreamed Matching Shirts are an adorable way to keep things spicy in your partnership.

Third Anniversary: Leather and Crystal

Leather Luggage Tag

Traditionally, third-anniversary gifts are made of leather, with crystal as the modern anniversary equivalent. If you’re looking for a classic leather anniversary gift, the Leather Luggage Tag will be perfect. Made from soft pebbled leather, those tags add a personal touch without taking up too much space.

Fourth Anniversary: Fruit, Flowers and Appliances

Nespresso machine

After 4 years of marital bliss, the traditional gifts are fruit and flowers, which represent the blossoming of your relationship. If flowers are not their thing, opt for a practical appliance such as a Nespresso machine. This appliance is super compact due to a high-capacity water tank with a heat-up time as fast as 15 seconds.

Fifth Anniversary: Wood and Silverware

Reclaimed Oak Cheese Board

In the 5th year, your marriage is expected to be strong and solid as wood. Handcrafted with sustainably sourced oak, not only the Reclaimed Oak Cheese Board is the perfect way to pay homage to the 5th-anniversary theme, but it’s also a unique anniversary gift you can get tons of use out of.

Sixth Anniversary: Iron and Wood

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Iron is a very durable and long-lasting metal, which makes it a meaningful sixth wedding anniversary gift. For the couple that bakes their own bread, the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is an incredible gift. With over 9,800 ratings on Amazon, this one is a must-have if you want to make crusty and chewy no-knead bread.

Seventh Anniversary: Copper and Desk Sets

Codefiy Desk Organizer

After seven years together, the gift of copper signifies prosperity and the warmth of togetherness. If you’d rather go for a modern anniversary gift, it’s a desk set. Available in 3 timeless colors, the Codefiy Desk Organizer helps you keep pencils, pens, and paper clips organized while maintaining a stylish accent.

Eighth Anniversary: Pottery and Linen

To my husband To the world you are one person, Anniversary gifts, Fall Mugs, Personalized gifts for him

Ceramic stands for earthiness and simplicity, making it an elegant metaphor for your relationship after 8 years of marriage. Choose a keepsake gift that will be cherished forever, like this To The World You Are One Person Personalized Mug. Plus, the vibrant autumn background makes it a wonderful autumn gift idea for your spouse!

Ninth Anniversary: Willow, Pottery and Leather

To my husband I wish I could turn back the clock street customized mug, Anniversary gifts, Personalized gift for him

For the ninth anniversary, there are several repeats of anniversary gift themes - with pottery and leather - plus willow as an additional gift option. After nine years together, there is nothing nicer than enjoying a morning cup of joe together from this I Wish I Could Turn Back The Clock Personalized Mug.

10th Anniversary: Aluminum and Diamonds

Fountain Pen

The tenth year is the first of the most important milestone anniversaries. Mark a decade of marriage by giving your other half a Fountain Pen. Fantastically smooth and reliable, this sleek pen is guaranteed to be a treasured gift. Also, it's perfect for all the love letters you will hand-write to each other in the coming years.

15th Anniversary: Crystal and Watches

Waterford Crystal Flutes

Think crystal for your 15th-anniversary gifts to honor the clear and sparkling love you two have for each other. Bring out your good bottle of wine and pair it with these gorgeous Waterford Crystal Flutes. The elegant design features an eternal flame, which is perfect for the memorable toast to the day, and the memories to follow.

20th Anniversary: China and Platinum

To my husband I wish I could turn back the clock Palm beach, Customized mug, Anniversary gifts, Personalized gifts for him

China shows the delicate balance you've mastered in your relationship after 20 years together. If you are not a fan of bone china, look for creative takes on the theme and this Palm Beach Customized Mug won’t disappoint. You can personalize skin tones, hairstyles and your anniversary date, ensuring it remains a keepsake for years to come.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Custom Luxury Engraved 3D Vertical Stick Necklace, Graduations, Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Gift for Her

If you're commemorating 25 years of marriage - a quarter of a century, pick silver—which can be the color or the metal. For something a little more heart-touching, we love this stunning Luxury Engraved 3D Vertical Stick Necklace. This personalized piece of jewelry will always hold a special place in their heart.

30th Anniversary: Pearls and Diamonds


Couples who have been wedded for 30 years deserve a special gift to honor their enduring and precious relationship. Treat your other half to something special from Tiffany. Your spouse will be lost for words when you hand over an eternity ring to mark your 30 years of marital bliss.

35th Anniversary: Coral and Jade

Coral Expression Rose

Coral is believed to have mystic power that can heal and protect against danger – just like the love you have for one another – making it a beautiful symbol for a 35th anniversary. The unique blooms and bright colors of this on-theme bouquet Coral Expression Rose are guaranteed to delight your beloved person.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

Cuff Daddy Cufflinks

Reaching the milestone of a 40th anniversary is a feat that deserves to be celebrated and commemorated. And ruby is an excellent stone for romance and passion in a lifelong marriage. For a guy who has everything, Cuff Daddy Cufflinks are a great gift. The ruby red Swarovski crystals add a simple and elegant touch to any formal outfit.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Irish Luxe Mohair Throw Blanket

The sapphire anniversary can be marked with jewelry featuring that gemstone, but if your partner isn't the jewelry type, consider an anniversary gift that sticks to the traditional theme. Not only the sapphire Irish Luxe Mohair Throw Blanket keeps you and your loved ones cozy, but it’s also comfortable to snuggle under while lying on the couch.

50th Anniversary: Gold

Personalized I Want To Hold Your Hand Canvas, Autumn Fall, Premium Canvas Wall Art

Congratulations! Making it to the 50th anniversary is a really big achievement. You can’t go wrong with gifting in gold but there are lots of other ways to incorporate the theme into your anniversary gift. Turn the loving moment of you two in autumn - and a heartfelt message of love - into a permanent display with this stunning I Want To Hold Your Hand Personalized Canvas.

If the anniversary gifts by year don't inspire you, have a look at these equally special anniversary gifts: 

Wrapping Up

Gift-giving is a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection. A wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion to look back over the years you have spent together as a couple, remind yourself of the date that you vowed to be with your partner forever, and perhaps set some goals for the year ahead. Now that you’ve got some thoughtful gift inspiration, get out there and enjoy your extra special wedding anniversary.