7 Unique Memorial Ideas To Honor Your Pets This Holiday

November 21, 2021 3 min read

Your pets hold a special place in your heart, and dealing with their deaths might be the hardest thing pet owners ever have to do, especially during the holidays. Mourning may be a natural process, but that certainly isn’t easy. So it's important we find a personal and heartfelt way to say goodbye and honor our pets. 

Luckily, pet remembrances come in many forms. There are many sentimental ways you can commemorate their lives to ensure their memory lives on forever this holiday season. 

1. Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

The holidays can be tough for those dealing with the death of a beloved animal.Christmas ornaments would be a wonderful way to honor the magical bond between the pet parents and their fur babies. This sweet keepsake piece is a wonderful way to let someone know you are thinking of them as they grieve the loss of their fur baby. Their heart will melt every time they look at the Christmas tree!

2. Plantings


Planting a tree or flower in your garden to memorialize a pet's life will serve as an amazing daily reminder of the memories they gave you. If your cat has white fur, plant a tree that produces white flowers in the spring. You can also add a plaque or cat statue to commemorate them. No other gift lasts as long, and brings so many benefits on Christmas and beyond.

3. Paw prints

Paw prints

Our beloved pets are an important part of our family and our lives. Let the decor do the talking when it comes to honoring them. You can memorize their lives by creating paw prints, which could be made in clay or printed on paper. Then display your one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with pride to remember your furry friends on the front door or in the living room. 

4. Donate to an animal shelter

Donate to an animal shelter

If you want to do something special to fulfill the soul in the spirit of Christmas holiday giving, consider memorializing your pets by making a donation in their honor for animals in need. This simple act of kindness will help us continue taking care of many animals each year, making sure they have a better holiday season and receive the love they deserve.

5. Custom jewelry

Custom jewelry

A creative and heartwarming way to honor the life of your beloved pets is to have their pictures printed onto a memorial necklace. The heart is the very core of our being and as such, you can always look to remember how blessed you were to have had them in your lives. With this remembrance piece, you carry it with you every day. It’s like they never left.

6. Create a photo album

Create a photo album

If you’re looking for a creative way to remember the life of your pets, try putting all of your favorite moments from across the years into a photo album. You can personalize it with the stickers, name tags or receipts of the places you two often visit together. That way every time you feel sad or miss them, you can have a look at the album to recharge the batteries. 

7. Light a candle

Light a candle

Lighting a candle can be a helpful way to pray for your loved ones. No matter if it's their birthday, anniversary of their death or Christmas holidays, every time you want to stop and remember your pets, light a candle. It's a simple, easy way to feel peace and connection while reflecting on your own memories of your animal companions. 

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Wrapping Up

The death of a beloved animal is a heartbreaking time in any pet parent's life and Christmas without them is so hard. We hope our guide can give you some ideas to say goodbye and honor the life of the loved ones that have passed away. We at PersonalFury wish you peace and good people to gather with you on this Christmas Day.