6 Christmas Ornaments For A Magical Christmas Tree

December 14, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever thought why Christmas deem to be the most wonderful time of the year? I mean there has to be some valid reasons backing up all those hype, right? Our team at PersonalFury even had a small poll to find out the answers. And guess what?

Among all options, ‘Christmas brings people together’ is the one. Decorating the house together, sending gifts to special ones, writing heart-warming gift cards, etc - it’s truly the season of love. 

And love is personal. That’s why we think it’s time you bring some personal touches to start this magical season. 2020 has especially witnessed plenty of our Firsts. We hope it’s the same to you. Let’s walk through our ‘First Christmas’ ornaments to see if there’s anything to spark yourself some joys. 

1. Have you had a new furry member? 

Christmas Ornaments

 This design is highly personalizable. Simply pick the cutest picture of your  furry baby, type in their name and the ordinal number, VOILÀ. There you have it! The prettiest keepsake of your babies for years to come! 

2. Our unlimited dog illustrations are beautiful, we know! 

Unique Christmas Dog Ornaments, Personalized Circle Ornaments, Custom Gift for Dog Lovers

Well, it’s not a surprise we take great pride in our unlimited dog illustrations. They look exactly the same as your dogs. It’s a long list, though. So if you have any difficulties finding the one that matches your fur babies the most, send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

3. Have you moved to a new home?

Our First Christmas In Our New House, Personalized Christmas Ornaments, Custom Holiday Decoration

Moving to a new home is such a milestone in every relationship. Whether it’s a new house or apartment, this ornament will be a memorable keepsake for your family. 

And guest what, it would also be a lovely housewarming gift! 
A customer once wrote to us: “I ordered 2 ornaments and absolutely love them both. I ordered Our First Home ornament for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. I'm sure they will love it as much as I do.

4. Welcome a newborn to the family 

Baby's Christmas 2020, Personalized Christmas Ornaments, Custom Photo Gift

Choose your own baby’s photo, type in their name and you have it - easily the cutest keepsake of a newborn.

5. First Christmas Married

First Christmas Couple 2020, Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Couple, Custom Photo Gift
If you got married in 2020, congratulations! Getting married in this difficult year isn't something that anyone could have predicted, but it is still a reason to celebrate (now more than ever). This ‘First Christmas married’ ornament is a beautiful keepsake to mark the occasion. 

6. Want to personalize a couple yourself?

Our First Christmas Engaged, Personalized Circle Ornaments, Anniversary Gifts

Similar to our unlimited dog illustrations, we also own unlimited designs for hairstyles. It’s so fun, actually - finding the right ones that matches yours in real life. We have received so many compliments since the very first day of launching this selection. 
“So the writing on the mug was perfect. And he actually loves it! Especially how closely the female and male characters so closely matched who we look like from behind.”
-Kind words from a lovely customer.