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5 Personalized Mugs For Your Husband On This Valentine's Day

January 17, 2021

So? Have you tired of seeking the right gift for your husband on this upcoming special day? 

The husband who basically has everything he needs already? The one who always says “No, seriously, you don’t have to give me anything!” like that is actually a valid option? The one whom you spend days, even months annually, searching for the right Valentine's gift just to do the same thing next year, and the year after that?

Yes, that’s your husband, and our husbands as well! Trust me, buying gifts for them is no easy peasy lemon squeezy task! 

That’s why we have summed up this top 10 ‘perfecto’ personalized mug for husbands this Valentine’s Day. Let’s KIS, keep it simple! Gals, they have to need at least one mug in life for daily morning coffee, right?



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We don’t even know what to say about this sentimental personalized mug anymore. It has been on our best selling list for… months and is still selling like crazy. It’s timeless! On Christmas days, at least one in every 10 of our customers included this mug in their shopping cart. How incredible!



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Our ‘Red Tree’ background has just been launched a few days ago but seems to be such a HIT soon. Well, you probably know this...

Ashley and David sitting in the tree





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The thing is, we recently test out Facebook polls via 24-hour stories daily on our page (please FOLLOW IT if you have not!) and by far, the most favored one is this gorgeous background. Having the little touch of orange and yellow here and there to recreat sunset in every couple’s iconic date, we have to say “This mug is a MUST!”



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Apart from the beautiful fall forest background, what we love about this mug is the quote. One of our dearest customers once wrote: 

“The fact that it refers to my GRUMPY old man makes it even more personalized as his personalized licence plates read “GRUMPY” and he has several GRUMPY tee shirts from Disney. I am sure he'll love it!” - Thank you, Rosemary from Canada.

We were also surprised about how this little “GRUMPY” word had actually made quite a controversial discussion on Facebook. Some said they were set back, but some, just like Rosemary, claimed that the word itself was the key element to get the mug sold. What about you? What do you think?



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Let our customer speak for us!

“Excellent choice for a stocking gift for my hubby. He loves the meaningful words of love printed on it as this is our 2nd marriage for both of us. He sees it every morning drinking his coffee as a reminder of my love for him. Love the palm tree scene as we live in Florida. Love that our wedding date is on it. Love that both of our hair colors came out close to our own color. Highly recommend!”

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