25 Best Holiday Gifts For Animal Lovers And Furry Friends In 2021

September 06, 2021 7 min read

The festive season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list. The challenge is finding a thoughtful gift that caters to your mom, dad, grandparents, sisters, wife, husband, relatives and friends (while still being budget-friendly, of course!). If you're on the search for Christmas gifts for your loved ones, we encourage you not to forget about their fur babies. Luckily, we've compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts to give your favorite pet lovers and their BFF (best furry friend), all of which are sure to be met with smiles and brighten up their day.

Whether your pet-loving pal has been a lifetime pet owner, or they recently adopted their furry babies, there's something here for just about any pet owner, no matter his or her style. And we didn’t forget the pets, either!

1. We Hope You Like Custom Photo Doormat

We Hope You Like, Custom Photo Doormat, Gift For Pet Lovers, Personalized Doormat, New Home Gift

This We Hope You Like doormat is a pet lover’s dream this Christmas. Not only does it do a great job of keeping the floors clean, but it’s also enduring and can withstand thousands and thousands of repeated steps from pets and people alike.

2. Christmas Photo Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Photo Ornaments, Personalized Christmas Ornaments, Custom Photo Gift

Another adorable, personalized option, this Christmas photo ornament lets you add a fun photo of your best furry pal. Who wouldn’t love a beloved furry face smiling back at them from their Christmas tree? A cute and festive way to celebrate the love for your sweet little paws this holiday season.

3. Snack Meal Bite Custom Photo Pillow

Snack Meal Bite, Custom Photo, Personalized Pillows, Gift for Dog Lovers

Celebrate your love for your pet this Christmas with this funny Snack Meal Bite custom pillow that says it all. This huggable, cuddly pillow is printed on both sides from the picture of your choice and is available in two different sizes.

4. Waterless Pet Wash

Waterless Pet Wash

Washing your pet doesn’t have to be struggling thanks to this waterless pet wash by The Spruce. The enzyme-activated formula can remove impurities such as dirt, urine, and feces easily without needing rinsing – making it a perfect Christmas gift for busy pet parents.

5. Dog Paw Balm

Dog Paw Balm

As the festive season comes around and the outside temperature drops, their dogs will need extra special attention to prevent painful paw problems. This all-natural paw balm is a proven way to help relieve pain and renew the dog's foot effectively - making dog and owner happy and healthy once again!

6. Life Is Better Custom Photo Shirt

Life Is Better, Custom Photo Dark Color T Shirt, Personalized Gifts for Pet Lovers, Gift For Your Loved Ones

They will never have to leave home without your BFF if they have this adorable Life Is Better shirt. Made from the soft and comfy material—there’s no way the pet lover in your life won’t love this one. Plus, this incredibly cute shirt is good for a laugh anyway.

7. The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals

The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone passionate about animals, consider The Photo Ark by Joel Sartore. The book showcases a wide variety of animal portraits and is an excellent way to experience the wonder of the natural world from your own home this holiday season.

8. Portable Paw Cleaner

Portable Paw Cleaner

The best Christmas gift you can give any pet parent is something that'll make their babies feel comfortable. All they have to do is add water, insert the muddy paw and the gentle silicone bristles of the paw cleaner will remove dirt and mud from the pet's paws.

9. Thanks For Picking Up My Poop And Stuff Custom Photo Mug

Thanks for picking up my poop and stuff, Custom Photo Coffee Mug, Funny Gift for Dog, Cat and Horse Lovers

Funny and spot-on, this custom photo mug is sure to be a big hit for a fur parent this holiday, clearly. This ceramic mug can be personalized with the pet’s name and your favorite photo. Plus, these mugs are both microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

10. Embroidered Pet Towel

Embroidered Pet Towel

Any pet enthusiast will love to receive this embroidered pet towel this holiday. Made of ultrasoft microfiber, the towel is durable, super absorbent, and fast-drying. Their dog or cat may look forward to bath time after they feel how soft and comfortable this towel is!

11. Pet House Candle

Pet House Candle

Looking for a practical Christmas gift for a pet owner? You can’t go wrong with the pet house candle that can eliminate unpleasant smells caused by stinky (but lovable) pets. It offers a long-lasting burn time of up to 60 hours and is available in over 30 different scents.

12. Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush

We all know how convenient a pet grooming brush is for pet parents. Not only does it protect your cat and dog from coat irritation, but it can also help reduce dogs and cats at all ages from shedding by up to 95%. A practical (but heartfelt) gift to give the pet lover on your list this Christmas.

13. I Still Talk About You Custom Canvas

I Still Talk About You, Personalized Custom Canvas, Custom Gift for Dog Lovers, Memorial Gift

Keep all their most cherished moments in one place with this beautiful custom photo canvas. For a pet owner who just lost their furry pal, this lasting keepsake makes a meaningful Christmas gift and is a one-of-a-kind way to honor the memory of a cherished pup.

14. Pet Nail Trimmer

Pet Nail Trimmer

Besides preventing accidental nicks and cuts, this dog and cat nail trimmer can also help the pet owner avoid clipping more than they are supposed to so that they won’t hurt their pets in the process. It's an awesome money-saving Christmas gift because now they'll be able to cut back on trips to the groomer.

15. Donut Cat and Dog Bed

Donut Cat and Dog Bed

The pet lover in your life won't be able to resist this cute donut bed, perfect for providing the animals with ultimate comfort for a restful sleep to improve behavior and health. The recipient will appreciate how calming their four-legged friends will feel as they burrow into the bed during the winter holiday season.

16. Protect The Animals Mugs

Protect The Animals Mugs

Your favorite animal lover will love these Protect The Animals mugs, especially when they support a significant purpose: protecting endangered species. For each mug sold, $5 is donated to the Global Wildlife Conservation – making it an extremely meaningful Christmas gift.

17. I Will Carry You With Me Custom Photo Necklace

I Will Carry You With Me, Custom Photo, Luxury Heart Necklace

When they can no longer hold their pet in their arms, they can at least keep their pet close to their heart always with this charming custom photo necklace, which arrives with their pet’s face printed on the surface. A touching pet memorial Christmas gift that conveys the depth of love.

18. Pet Bandanas

Pet Bandanas

This six-piece set includes long-lasting, dyed cotton bandanas that will keep their dog and cat looking cool all year round. Patterns can be swapped every single day and do not repeat. A great Christmas gift to make their pets more beautiful and stand out from others.

19. Treat Jar

Treat Jar

Keep the furry friend's treats fresh and close at hand with this delightful treat jar by The Pioneer Woman. This metal tin features an appealing design and an easy lift-off lid for quick and easy access. Plus, it can also be used to store candies, cookies, and biscuits for humans.

20. Custom Dog Bowl

Personalized Custom Dog Bowls, White Ceramic, Gift for Dog Lovers

What could be more perfect for a dog person this Christmas than a high-quality custom dog bowl featuring a cute picture of their pup on it? It also comes in a larger size for bigger pups and the personalization part makes this bowl look super appealing. And, of course, there's a version for cats, too.

21. Dog Breed Cheese Board

Dog Breed Cheese Board

What a cute Christmas gift for the host who loves entertaining as much as their four-legged family member! Crafted from layers of solid maple, this dog breed cheese board is as sturdy and durable as it is nice to look at.

22. Zoola Ring Holder

Zoola Ring Holder

Treat your favorite animal lover to something extra special this Christmas by gifting this Zoola ring holder. The Zoola collection is available in plenty of animals such as Frenchie, Dachshund, cat, bunny, and elephant. This cute ring holder is sure to add subtle charm wherever it’s placed.

23. Cat Tarot: 78 Cards & Guidebook

Cat Tarot: 78 Cards & Guidebook

Everyone's going crazy for this cat tarot, and it's easy to see why. With these tarot cards, the recipient gets a deeper look into their past, present, and future, all while looking at cute cat illustrations with a feline sense of humor. A fun activity to keep them busy over the festive period this year!

24. Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier

Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier

The worst part of any pet lover's day - no doubt - is when they have to leave their pets at home. But Thanks to this adorable little backpack, they don’t even need to. Besides, this Roll Around is also perfect for keeping pets safe on the way to the vet, walking in high-traffic areas, dining outdoors, and so on.

25. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Here's another great Christmas gift for your favorite dog lover who gets worried about leaving their furry pal alone at home. This Furbo dog camera sends notifications to their smartphone when it detects barking so they can be the first to know when their pup needs help and talk to calm them down via the app.

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Wrapping Up

The holidays are a great time to spoil the pet lovers in your life by gifting them something that they wouldn't normally buy for themself. Hopefully, our holiday gift guide can help you with your Christmas gift shopping this year. No matter if you go the hilarious, emotional, or practical route with your gift choice, your pet-loving pals are sure to feel the love this holiday season.