15 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dogs

December 16, 2021 5 min read

Every year, you spend so much time coming up with great ideas to surprise your significant other, don't you? How about doing something different this Valentine's Day? Maybe it’s time to show your furry babies how much you love them and create a memory you’ll always remember. Sure, your dog may not know it's Valentine's Day—but any reason to spoil and shower them with love is always a good one.

Go ahead, plan a date with your dog and we promise this Valentine's Day is gonna be the best one ever!

Read on for some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day with your pooch.

1. Treat your dog with delicious dog biscuits

Treat your dog with delicious dog biscuits

A delicious treat says “I love you” better than anything else. All pups love treats, so treat yours with something they love. There are a variety of healthy recipes available online and you can adjust the recipes to their preference such as pumpkin or apple flavor. Since you know the ingredients, you can control what your dog is having. 

2. Surprise your dog with a Valentine’s Day gift

Surprise your dog with a Valentine’s Day gift

Personalized gifts – especially those featuring photos – are always the best. Your dog loves rubs and snuggles, but go a little extra mile this Valentine's Day with a 3D photo face pillow featuring their cute furry face on it. The pillow is super soft, easy to clean, and ideal for dogs to cuddle up with. The best part? We appreciate the great range of sizes.

3. Schedule a Valentine's Day photoshoot

Schedule a Valentine's Day photoshoot

We all love to post pictures on Instagram, so put on your Valentine-themed clothes and take a photoshoot with your dog to mark the holiday of love. You can wear matching outfits and bring some of their favorite toys or pack some Valentine treats and toys. Be sure to get as many as possible so you can edit and share the best moments with your friends and family.

4. Head to a dog salon

Head to a dog salon

Humans need to take a moment to relax now and then. Our canines are no exception. If you wanna get fancy, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance! Take your dogs to a dog spa and get their hair and nails done or try new hairstyles. Once they're all clean and refreshed, your dogs will have a whole sense of excitement!

5. Wear Valentine outfits featuring your dog pictures

Wear Valentine outfits featuring your dog pictures

We love this idea. We all know that Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love and romance. But who needs Cupid when really all we want is dogs? Available in a lot of cute colors, this Valentine personalized shirt is such a cute idea for Valentine’s Day and everyone in your track is sure to get a kick out of it! 

6. Go for an extra walk

Go for an extra walk

Believe us, your dog will love this idea. One of the most romantic things that a couple can do is go for a pleasant walk in the park. Not only is this a great way to satisfy their needs, but you will also feel delighted about giving them a special treat on Valentine’s Day.  You and your fur baby will develop a strong bond if you’re able to do this on a regular basis. 

7. Make a donation

Make a donation

Want to make a Valentine’s Day memory with your dog? Donate to an animal rescue group under your dog's name. You can also prepare a basket of treats, toys and other accessories to drop off at your local animal shelter. This is a truly unique Valentine’s Day experience, especially when you and your dogs have spread love to other poor animals together. 

8. Teach your dog to dance

Teach your dog to dance

This is definitely one of the funniest ideas to spend Valentine’s Day with your furry best friend. You can find a lot of video guides on Youtube showing you how to teach them in detail. Trust us, the dancing dogs are so cute and you won’t stop smiling at them. Always, be patient and positive while training. Ready. Set. Let's go! 

9. Adopt a new dog

Adopt a new dog

Adopting a dog over the holiday of love not only makes a dog's Valentine’s Day, but it will likely make yours as well! There are a lot of loving and wonderful pets of every size, shape, and personality waiting at your local animal shelter to hear that touching question: “Will you be mine?”

10. Watch dog-friendly movies

Watch dog-friendly movies

Your dog wants nothing more than to spend time with you. And it’s always nice to take some time to cuddle and binge-watch your favorite movies with your fur baby. There are lots of good movies to watch with your best pal, including A Dog’s Purpose, The Secret Life of Pets, and last but not least, Marley & Me (Honestly, it’s a bit sad at the end!)

11. Take your dog on a trip

Take your dog on a trip

A Valentine’s Day trip with your furry best friend sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? There are many amazing pet-friendly hotels across the country. However, be honest and considerate with people around you, regardless of where you go. Today, traveling with your dog is easier than ever if you prepare everything in advance to ensure your dog is healthy, comfortable and safe.

12. Join a pet event

Join a pet event

Want to spice up your pup's life on Valentine’s Day? Making new friends can bring a lot of excitement. If you have friends, neighbors, co-workers or relatives who also have dogs, set up a playdate. Be sure to supervise playtime and you can go home with a happy, tired dog at the end of the day.

13. Take a bubble bath

Take a bubble bath

Some dogs absolutely love bath time, and this is a great way to get him clean and dry. Ensure that you use bubble baths that are formulated for dogs and be as gentle as possible. You can also throw their favorite toys into the tub to encourage your dog to get in there. After all, bath time isn’t bath time without lots of fun toys!

14. Treat yourself Valentine’s Day dog-themed gift

Treat yourself Valentine’s Day dog-themed gift

The cheesier, the better. Engage in Valentine’s Day fun by getting yourself a special gift, like a custom coffee mug featuring your dog on it. Available in several cute colors, it will bring a smile to even the Monday-est of all Mondays.

15. Visit a pet-friendly café

Visit a pet-friendly café

What's more traditional than taking your loved one to dinner on Valentine's Day? Try bringing your dog on a date to a pet-friendly café. While you relax, your dog can bark freely and play with a lot of available toys. You can be sure that both you and your furry pal will have an amazing Valentine's Day experience.

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Wrapping Up

Valentine's Day means spending good time with your loved ones — and who loves you more than your dog who always gives you sloppy kisses? Hopefully, this list of Valentine’s Day activities can give you some inspiration on how to include your pup in the romantic holiday excitement.